Car of Whimsy

Welcome to Car of Whimsy: a deep dive in taking a slightly unusual car and transforming to pure whimsy. If you’ve seen us on the road, hopefully it made for a giggle.

This blog dives into the whimsical world of making this first Art Car.

Nissan Cube’s Quirky Interior

Obviously that goes without saying, as mentioned their asymmetrical design is unusual to say the least. Many are familiar with the exterior, but I find the interior is just as unusual. It's surprisingly soothing. Everything is round. And I mean everything! Every knob, every line has been rounded...

I bought my dream car.

I bought my dream car.

And it probably doesn't surprise anyone who knows us. This is my "new" 2011 Nissan Cube S. I wanted the base model, no options, no fancy frills, just pure asymmetry to play with. We also made sure to find a manual transmission (the CVTs have far too many issues). For the record, it's current...

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