New for 2018, we are excited to offer Tinker Truck™ programs in the greater Waterloo Region! We offer many programs that integrate science, art and engineering. Designed around the school curriculum, and developed to provide education through play, all activities can be held for school, home, or office events.

Rocket Science!

Blast off… with Air Duct Tape.

Colourful tape, foam tubes and bike pumps! With Tinker Truck’s Rocket Science program you’ll get the joy of blending art with science. This program is suitable for all types of audiences from Birthdays to Festivals, and Schools to Summer Camps. Each variation places a different emphasis on the balance between science and experimentation, but everyone will walk away having learned something new.

River Works

The Ultimate Water Table!

Our portable river is the ultimate water table. Kids as young as two love playing with the river and designing boats out of popsicle sticks, corks, and elastic bands and then sending them down the river. As an educational experience, we offer children various challenges ranging from getting a toy animal down the river safe and dry to building stable boats with fewer and fewer numbers of pieces.

LED Artwork

Let us light up your night!

These quick and easy necklaces are always a huge hit at any event we visit. As a quick “make and take” this project can be completed in 20 minutes as a craft or preceded by a lesson in electricity, optical properties of glass and plastic and the differences between normal and UV (black) light on different pigments. The expanded, hands-on experimental science lesson is approximately 75 minutes. Fantastic for evening events!

Cardboard Castles

Cardboard is most maker’s first material…

Create a gigantic structure that will be played with and enhanced for many days. Everybody loves a box fort. Kids and adults alike will spend hours playing in this massive creation, inventing games and telling stories. The build is guided by our team as we teach safe tool usage and also advanced cardboard construction techniques. All idedas come from your guests and participants.

Tinker Truck is Available throughout the year!