As an artist, Drew is always striving to create the unexpected. Show stopping, eye popping, and jaw dropping projects ranging from the simple to the extraordinary.  Those moment, from the creators’ point-of-view are something special to share: the experience, the inspiration, and the lessons learned.

50 000 Balloons, 4 Days, No Turning Back

What does it take to create a massive 60 foot tall structure out of balloons?

Air, latex, and a whole lot of passion, are only part of the story. Cramping hands, random sing-a-longs and repairing equipment on the fly all lead to the fantastic world of giant balloon structures.

Twisting Loss into Something Whimsical

How do you end up twisting balloons for a living?

Finding inspiration through loss.  Drew shares his unusual starting point for an inflating career.  One critical inspirational moment pushed him into gear, and since then, he’s never looked back.

Watch Drew in Action

Drew is available for speaking engagements in a number of settings.