Drew Ripley

balloon artist
professional speaker
unique entertainer
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Whisked away to what was supposed to be a tour of the Grand Canyon, Drew ended up experiencing a day in Las Vegas at 10 years old. Not knowing “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” he was hooked on show business. Shortly after his return, the first balloon kit arrived, which lead to his first paid performance as a magician in 1991. Since then he has entertained thousands of people at both large and small events. From Parades to parties, those shows remain vivid in his mind nearly 30 years later. The positive feelings and experiences are what is what we aim to bring out at every festival and event.

“Each time Drew is asked to participate in our events, he gives of himself tirelessly. Always energetic and animated in large or small groups of children. Drew can be counted on to provide creativity and enthusiasm to everything he touches.”Teressa Van Vliet

In a world that can be a challenge, professional whimsy and delight are the goals. Enter a world a balloon magic. Through the use of balloons, magic and one of a kind props, Drew sets themes and entertains crowds with passion and commitment.

“Drew Ripley as an entertainer is top notch. We always invite him to our annual Hohner Avenue Porch Party, and he does something different to keep the neighbourhood kids in awe year after year.”Jessie Eulenberg

No matter the size of the event, let’s have some fun and create lasting memories.

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