Top Knot Balloon Twisting

Experience the magic of a balloon transformed into anything imaginable! This is a whimsical experience perfect for fairs, community and company events.  This professional live experience is for events including fairs, festivals and company parties. Just like a magician, be blown away by what can be achieved in a few short minutes. Drew’s skilled team can bring as many balloon artists as necessary to make sure that everyone who wants a balloon gets a balloon.

Price = Math

Number of guests / time = Creatures per minute

Determine the number of kids attending, 90% will want a balloon no matter what else is going on. If 120 kids want a balloon, that means on his own, Drew would have to produce a balloon creature every 30 seconds, and that includes saying hello. Drew is fast, but unless your guests want balloon snakes… lots and lots of snakes… plan for more time.

Find the best entertainment value, send us a note.

Engaging Entertainment

Corporate parties, holiday parties, family reunions, and birthday parties… whatever your special event is,  your unique time deserves Drew’s adaptable balloon filled show.  Whatever your theme, whatever your age group, we are here to entertain.

Not only is he extremely talented, but his friendly personality and the way he interacts with people, as he brings their balloon creation to life to make sure it's exactly what they want, sets him apart from the crowd.
Sarah ; Chris Lane Memorial Fundraiser
Kids (& Grown-Ups) Parties

Reconnect with family while we entertain your youngest and young at hearts with a balloon bonanza. Get their imaginations soaring with a massive balloon battle, or perhaps fantasy dress up, or even become brave explorers in an unknown universe.

Drew is more than just a children’s entertainer, he’s an artist. He has the ability to make anything out of balloons. You can hire him for children’s parties, or grown up parties, and the amount of fun is still the same!
Meghan ; THE CENTRE, Guelph

We're ready to win over your next crowd!