Drew Ripley Entertainment is committed to the best environmental guidelines for all projects and events. The company's mandate includes the following activities:



    • Drew Ripley Entertainment is a member of The Pro Environmental Balloon Alliance (PEBA) an organization committed to educate clients and the public in the positive environmental side of balloons, their correct use and disposal.

      Rubber Trees (Hevea Braziliensis)

    • Drew Ripley Entertainment receives balloons from Pioneer Balloon Canada, with a major facility located in Hamilton Ontario Canada. Pioneer creates the highest quality non-toxic, latex balloons. For more information, on their products please learn about the Balloon Council.
    • As a member of PEBA, Drew Ripley Entertainment does not provide helium balloon release services. Please ask us about best helium practices.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    • The Drew Ripley Entertainment team will survey their work area after the event to ensure that all left over balloon material is disposed of properly to the best of our ability.
    • Internal structures will always be reused whenever possible, and recycled when necessary.
    • No single use water bottles are used by team members.

Transportation, Carbon Foot Print

    • Vehicle Transportation for large events is made available by Vrtucar. This creates the following advantages:
        • Our fleet is scalable and shared with other small businesses! We only use larger vehicles if they are specific to the needs of the client. This green practice saves fuel, carbon emissions, and it also saves the customer money.
        • Vrtucar’s mission is to deliver a car sharing service which empowers people to make affordable and sustainable transportation choices. We are glad to support them in their efforts by using their fleet effectively.
    • While the main product comes from sustainably sourced Latex Trees, the carbon foot print created by this company is offset yearly through The Gold Standard. Drew Ripley Entertainment is committed to zero Carbon Footprint.