Actor is professionally trained stunt performer. Actor and assistant are fully insured.

Gertrude the Great

Unique Stilt walking characters add a splash to any event. Meet the ultimate in roving crowd entertainment; Gertrude the Giant Gentle Ostrich. She is a one of a kind animatronic crowd pleaser, designed to create a sense of wonder for  kids of all ages as well as boost social media attention.

Strolling in at over 9 feet tall, Gertrude the Great and her trainer Drew Ripley will delight audiences young and old. Gracefully striding, guests will be astonished to meet a giant balloon puppet.  Animated to be slightly mischievous, yet always gentle with guests, watch Gertrude as she plays with a crowd.


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Balloon Puppets & Costumes

Show stopping, eye popping, and jaw dropping, these customized costumes and articulated puppets make a powerful lasting impression on guests. As a professional trained stunt artist, unicyclist and stilt walker, Drew takes any imaginative character and build the impossible into the ultimate interactive balloon creature.

This summer I had the pleasure of having Drew Ripley perform during our King Street Art Market series in Downtown Kitchener. Drew is a true professional who knows how to keep the crowd entertained - even when that crowd is a diverse cross-section of Kitchener residents! Plus, his balloon creations are enough to make any casual passerby stop and take notice! Drew is fabulous to work with and I would recommend him to anyone looking to animate an event.
Hilary ; Downtown Marketing - City of Kitchener
Minibikes & Stilts

Street level performance is always a favourite for guests. More than just children’s entertainment, Drew’s artistic ability spans to customized props, amusing illusions and even a custom made bicycle that’s only 12 inches long.  On the street, or at a tradeshow, performances can be customized to capture the attention beyond the core audience.

After seeing Drew at several local events the Stanley Park Community Association decided to book Drew and Linda to be a part of a park opening celebration. The service we were provided was outstanding. We have continued to call on the special talents of Drew and Linda for other events since because of their friendly, professional attitude, and their creativity and skill that surpasses other entertainers we have seen. We love seeing Drew at different events across the city and admire his dedication to the local community.
Chris ; Stanley Park Community Association

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